Marantz PM6006 UK Edition picks up a 5-Star review from ‘What Hi-Fi?’

七月 13, 2018

Our PM6006 UK Edition amplifier has been awarded with a 5-star review from ‘What Hi-Fi?’ When discussing the PM6006 UK Edition, ‘What Hi-Fi?’ said; “Marantz took the opportunity to fine-tune an already fine amplifier and has come up trumps yet again.”

The PM6006 UK Edition Integrated amplifier is an exclusive UK successor on the PM6006. It features enhanced audio tuning improving components throughout to deliver even better sound. A new UK Edition logo was also designed, which incorporated the Union Flag that sets them apart from the standard models.

The tradition of Marantz Special Edition models stretches back more than 30 years: in 1986 Ken Ishiwata – now Marantz Brand Ambassador – developed the idea of taking existing models and tuning them to achieve maximum performance. His conviction was that even affordable audio components could be true Hi-Fi products in terms of sound quality, while keeping them affordable for newcomers of high-quality audio.

The first model to be tuned was the CD-45, which he tuned to create the CD-45LE (Limited Edition). Marketed in the UK as ‘the most musical CD player in the world”, it was made in an edition of just 2000 units, which sold out in two weeks!

Since then, Marantz has made Special Edition and Limited Edition models, and the acclaimed Ken Ishiwata Signature range, for music-lovers and Hi-Fi enthusiasts.

The very first Marantz products were amplifiers – Saul B Marantz launched the company in 1953 with his Consolette preamp: the PM6006 UK Edition builds on that experience with power, flexibility and excellent performance – all at an affordable price.

45W per channel of wide-band amplification gives it more than enough power for most rooms and speakers, as well as analogue inputs including

MM Phono for a turntable, the PM6006 UK Edition has three digital inputs (two optical and one coaxial) for digital sources. The digital-to-analogue conversion uses the same CS4398 DAC found in the CD player, while Marantz HDAM-SA 3 amplification modules ensure a wide-open, detailed and dynamic sound, aided by a custom-built toroidal transformer for generous power supply.

To enhance the performance of the amplifier, the PM6006 UK Edition again uses those selected ELNA capacitors in its power supply for the digital stage and preamplifier, along with sound-optimising mechanical changes to the power amplifier stage.

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